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Physically Heating Silicone Dildo Vibrator with Pulse Penetration Sex Toy for Women
No: 8107

Physically Heating Silicone Dildo Vibrator with Pulse Penetration

Key features:

* G-spot dildo vibrator that thrusts and pulses

* Dildo part always stays 42°C(107°F) due to the intelligent regulator inside

* Double-ended vibration makes it easiest to get orgasm

* Quiet and discreet while working

* Perfectly fit for your lady part

* Completely hands-free by remote control in 15 meters

* Fully waterproof for use in the bath or shower

* Explore a choice of 7 patterns of vibration


Finally, a toy that gives your G-spot the rhythmic massage it craves, hands-free. All the thrusting, pulsing   action by our technology makes a massive hit, the incredible dildo vibrator lets you expand your orgasms without lifting a finger.

What is more, with the intelligent regulator inside, the dildo part would always stay 42°C(107°F),and makes you feel his hot human body temperature. Now you have the toy, and then say goodbye to cold pleasure while you are using sex toys.

Ergonomically designed double-ends are perfect to fit genitals, and comfortably wearable against your body.

No matter where you are, turning on or off is much easier for you to enjoy the pleasure.

Fully waterproof but the remote controller is for use in the bath or shower. Just imagine enjoying the pleasure, along with beautiful music and grabbing a glass of red wine, you cannot help saying   “this is the life”. Because the ultimate sexual happiness is so true and real.

Technicial Detail:

Material:Hypoallergenic Silicone+ABS
Product Body Size:122L*44W*39(H)mm
Rechargeable: Yes,Magnetic Charge
Battery: Li-ion Battery 300mAh
Frequency: 7 Patterns
Daily WaterproofYes
Noise Figure:65 dB
Function:Physical Heating+Vibrating+Pulse Penetration