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Super Soft Collar-to-Wrist Cuffs
No: 8178

Description of the goods: Super Soft Collar-to-Wrist Cuffs

Item No.: 8178

Color: Black

Fabric: PVC

Waterproof: Yes

Key Feature:

* Wrist to collar back positionrestraint for secure bondage adventures

* Perfect for experimental bondage play

* Fleece-lined padded restraints fortotal comfort during use

* Cuffs secure wrists behind thewearer's back to expose their chest

* Guide your submissive with the collarand lead

Function: SM, Bondage, Foreplay

Cuff (1).jpgCuff (2).jpgCuff (4).jpgCuff (3).jpgCuff (6).JPGCuff (7).JPGCuff (5).jpg