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Amazing Sex Position Wedge Set(2 Pieces)

No 8002

Amazing Sex Position Wedge Set(2 Pieces)

Product Description:

This sex position wedge set are composed of a small wedge and a large wedge. The small offers a 27-degree   angle elevation, but the large provides a 33 degree angle lift.   With   the help of the set, you   can easily   try   at   least 16 sex positions, and would explore even more as you like.

At that time, you feel like a porn movie super star, and cannot imagine that you would have sex   like   that   before. Because it helps you with more precise with her clitoris, her or his anus, her or his throat,deeper   penetrationfor his penis,and a wider range of motion. Please enjoy your amazing pleasure and   liberating   times!

Whether the small or the large, both of them are with wrist handcuffs available. That means you can share   bondage games with your partners whatever you want.

More positions to try with noticeably magnified sensations. A must-have   for   oral enthusiasts   and   anyone   who enjoys a   good sex.

At Least try these fun positions:

Moon Walk

It's targeted delivery that offers multiple entry options. If he's under control, he can slow-dance   intricately intense   sensations inside her as he glides in and out.

Alley Oop!

With her belly rested on thescintillatingly textured microfiber and her bum begging for attention, all youhave to do is let your instinct for exploration take over...



Sex Position Wedge Set 1.jpg

Key Features:

·       Strong and soft foam to support bothyour bodies for better sex positions

·      A 33-degree angle lift and a 27-degreeangle of elevation to better show the beauty of sexual organs;

·       For deeper penetration;

·       For much more clitoris contact and anus contact;

·       A great helper to bondage with 3 wrist-cuffs

·       Washable covers get softer with everywash

Technical Details:

Amazing Sex Position Wedge Set(2 Pieces)

Item No.: 8002

Color: Pink

Material: Flock

Product Body Size:

Small Wedge: 610mm(L)*360mm(W)*190mm(H)

Large Wedge: 850mm(L)*800mm(W)*300mm(H)

Product Set included:

Small Wedge withWrist Handcuff, Large Wedge with Wrist Handcuff

Warranty Period: 12 months;

Feature:   Help create different excellentsex position+ Perfect Bondage for couples

Customer Reviews:

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1. May I have your sample for testing and evaluation?
Yes, we can

2. When do you send the sample?
Usually in 3-5 working days

3. What is your minimum ordering quantity?

10 PCS for nearly all of them

4. How about the paymentterms?
T/T, PayPal, Western Union, L/C, Money Gram, Cash

5. Are the raw materials safefor our body?
Absolutely.Because all the raw materials we use are medical-grade, non-toxic and free-phthalate

6. Do you have any Certifications? like CE,RoHS, PSE?

Yes, we have them all. Nearly all of our productsare certificated with CE, RoHS and PSE. Besides, we would assist you to getother certificate verification if needed.

7. How do you control quality?
For the raw material procurement, production, quality inspection, packaging anddelivery, we strictly refer to the quality system requirements. Therefore, allof our sex toys meet the strict hygienic standards of specialized medicalmachinery.

8. How do you send the goods, please?

DHL, UPS, FedEx,By Sea, By Air or By Train. We will send the goods in the efficient and economicalway for you

9. What about yourafter-sale service?
We provide 12 months warranty period. If there is any defective, another free itemswill be sent along with other products in the next order.

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