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Silicone Pump Vagina and Anas Cleansing Douche for Women &Men

No: 8024

Description of the goods:

Silicone Pump Vagina& Anas Cleansing Douche for Women &Men

Model No.: 8024

Color: Black

Material: Silicone

Product Body Size: 89ml,160ml, 220ml, 310ml

Battery: No

Rechargeable: No

Frequency: No

Waterproof Rate: IPX8

Noise Figure: 0 dB

Feature: Vaginal Cleansing+Anal Cleansing

Douche (22).jpgDouche (21).jpgDouche (20).jpgDouche (19).jpgDouche (18).jpgDouche (12).jpgDouche (8).jpgDouche (17).jpgDouche (16).jpgDouche (15).jpgDouche (14).jpgDouche (13).jpgDouche (9).jpgDouche (7).jpgDouche (6).jpgDouche (5).jpgDouche (4).jpgDouche (3).jpgDouche (11).jpgDouche (10).jpgDouche (2).jpgDouche (1).jpg