About US
Shenzhen NuanQin Technology Co., Ltd.

NuanQin is a professional provider of different types of premium smart sex toys, integrating development, production and distribution together. Our core team is composed of highly experienced technical and management personnel. Since its establishment, Nuanqin has been adhering to the principle of "Technology Makes Ideal Life", constantly innovating, keeping up with industry trends, and continuously producing and providing high-end smart sex toys. Until now, our main products include Vibrators, Dildo, Love Eggs, Jiggle Balls, Masturbation Cups, Cock Rings, Anal Toys, Sexy Lingerie, Lubes, Bondage.

Due to the particularity of sex toys, we introduced advanced ergonomics technology, and established a complete and strict quality control system. For the raw material procurement, production, quality inspection, packaging and delivery, we strictly refer to the quality system requirements. Therefore, all of our sex toys meet the strict hygienic standards of specialized medical machinery. Our goal is to ensure every sex toys always safe and warm, so that each users audaciously use them and fully enjoy the pleasure while trying. With the efficient production system, we promptly finish every orders of every customers.

In addition, NuanQin will also design and customize unique sex toys according to the special requirements of customers.

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